Shuttle XP : 无限仓储 Shuttle XP :Store Virtually Anything
产品名称:Shuttle XP : 无限仓储 Shuttle XP :Store Virtually Anything
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低成本 高效率   

Cost Effectively And With Quick Access

垂直升降式仓储系统 Shuttle XP 是为满足制造业、零售和多种行业广泛的存取应用而设计开发的。集紧凑、灵活、高效、安全为一体的存储特性,使得 Shuttle XP 成为独一无二的仓储解决方案。

The Shuttle XP vertical lift system has been designed to meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications in manufacturing,distribution, retail and warehouse operations. The combination of optimal storage density, flexible, efficient storage strategies, ergonomics and security makes the Shuttle XP from Kardex Remstar a unique storage solution.

工作原理   The principle

模块化垂直升降式仓储系统 Shuttle XP 是一种封闭式系统,托盘在设备两侧垂直装入。中间有提取器,按按钮或读取条形码可以将存放仓储货物的托盘自动输送至拣货口。模块化设计使得Shuttle XP 可以适用于不同的高度需求,并且存取口的数量也是可变的。由于能有效利用高度空间,相比传统系统至少节约85%的占地面积。借助Optiflex 技术可以自动测得托盘上物料的高度,待托盘进入后自动以25毫米的间距分配到理想的仓储位置。

The modular Shuttle XP vertical lift is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays that are stored in the front and rear of the unit. There is an extractor device located in the center, which automatically delivers trays with the stored items to the access opening at the push of a button or the scan of a bar code. The device is modular in its construction with the ability to change its height and number of access opening spre and post construction. Depending on the ceiling height, at least 85% of a conventional storage systemʼs occupied floor space can be recovered. The Shuttle XP automatically scans every tray with the use of Cubestar technology, finding the ideal storage location within the system in increments of one inch (25 mm). Items are stored in the least possible amount of space.


Flexible efficient storage strategy

Shuttle XP 的模块化结构确保了可以充分利用各种高度的空间。设备高度以100mm为基数递增,因此 Shuttle XP总是能够适应具体的体积和高度要求。即使在变更地点或者搬迁的情况下,通过添加或者去掉一些模块,它也可以很快适应新的要求。

The modular design of the Shuttle XP ensures almost unlimited flexibility in the utilization of various ceiling heights. The Shuttle XP’s height increases in 3.9 inch (100 mm) steps, making it an extremely versatile solution. If you relocate, the system can relocate with you and be adapted to your new requirements by adding or removing modules.



Adapting to the building situation

在多层建筑中投入使用时,可以在Shuttle XP 前后的任意位置设置存取口,并且将来这些存取口可以按照新的需要进行更改。每个存取口内侧的自动门可以阻止气流泄露并确保操作员和仓储货物的安全。

When installed through several floors, up to 6 access openings can be integrated at any point on the front or rear of the Shuttle XP. They can even be changed at a later date. The shutter door in every access opening prevents draughts and protects the operators and stored goods.

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP: 选择 Shuttle XP 的八大理由

Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP: Eight reasons to choose the Kardex Remstar ShuttleXP


 1   优点:节省空间 / 利用高度

         Benefit: Saving floor space

通过以25毫米为单位间距的紧密存储,可节约最多85% 的存放面积。

With heights to meet your exactr equirements, the Shuttle XP utilizes overhead space to reclaim up to 85% of otherwise wasted space.


 2   优点:降低人员成本 

         Benefit: Reduced labor costs

所需物料自动传输给操作员,这样可极大的节约非生产性运行时间和搜索时间。可选的Pick-to-Light 系统(LED) 清晰的显示仓储层和待提取数量,极大的提高拣选效率。

Items are automatically delivered to the operator, eliminating wasted walk and search time. The optionally integrated pick-to-light system immediately identifies the item and quantity to be picked, increasing productivity.

 3  优点:人体工程学设计

        Benefit: Ergonomics

操作员存取货物时不必攀爬、弯腰和伸展,因为Shuttle XP 按照“货物到人”的原理工作:所需零件自动送到人体工程学设计的存取口,并且托盘可以调节到工作台的各种高度。

The Shuttle XP works on a good-to-person principle, delivering items automatically to an ergonomically positioned access opening, eliminating bending, reaching and climbing to retrieve items. Trays can also be delivered to each user's specific working height and connection to conveyors and lifting devices is also possible.


 4  优点:更高的安全性

        Benefit: Security & Safety


Controlled access to specific trays , or tracking user access is not a problem with the Shuttle XP. Shutter doors provide increased safety and security for operators and stored items.


 5   优点:精准

        Benefit: Accuracy

智能 Pick-to-Light 系统、条形码读取器和软件接口保证高度精准。输送系统、机械手臂或起重设备的相互配合保证舒适的工作环境。

Integrated pick-to-light devices, barcode scanning and software interfaces provide the highest levels of accuracy possible.Connection to conveyors, robotic arms or lifting devices for maximum workcomfort is also possible.

 6   优点:灵活

        Benefit: Flexibility


Each tray can be programmed according to meet your needs such as: slower speeds for fragile items, positioning of fast moving trays in the “golden zone" for quick access, user access for individual trays, storage of trays with different weight capacities in one single unit, and much more.

 7   优点:模块化

        Benefit: Modularity


Modular design allows for heights to be changed quickly and inexpensively to meet a facilities changing workflow or inventory profile.


 8   优点:可靠 

      Benefit: Reliability

垂直升降式仓储系统 Shuttle XP 在工业领域的无障碍运行时间至今无法超越。无论是设计、制造、安装还是服务,Shuttle XP 都将向您证明:它属于领导行业的高端产品。

With the great installation base of verticallift systems, the Shuttle XP provides unsurpassed levels of up time in the industry. From design to manufacturing, installation and service, the Shuttle XP is one of the leading technologies in the industry.



We provide our customers with dramatically increased levels of employee productivity, reduced floor space requirements and increased inventory visibility and management.


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